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With an annual average production capacity of 2,700,000 m at its technologically advanced integrated facilities and its expert team, Kolunsag Muflon has been among Turkey's leading manufacturers in the textile industry since 1933. Kolunsag Muflon, the world's first manufacturer of "Flame-Retardant Plush" and "100% Woolmark Certified High Pile Fabric" which holds a "100% Cotton Certificate", produces the highest quality of fleece for various product groups in Turkey and the world, including clothing, shoes, slippers, automotive upholstery, air conditioner filters, paint rollers, stationery supplies, toys, blankets, baby products, home textiles and accessories. Moreover, Kolunsag Muflon also has the capacity to manufacture products based on the demands and desired designs and colors of the customer. Holding the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate, Kolunsag Muflon not only supplies products to nearly 50% of the domestic market, it also provides services to all user sectors in Europe, the Balkans, Russia, and the Middle East. Kolunsag Muflon, which carries out environmentally-friendly and efficient production thanks to its innovations in the field of fleece manufacturing technologies, aims to play a significant role in international markets by rapidly expanding its export share. Contributing to the national economy by increasing the export rate of its current production and advancing rapidly to become a leading brand in Northern Europe, North Africa, and the Caucasus, Kolunsag Muflon has the capacity to produce and sell the highest quality product at the most reasonable price with the "100% Domestic Raw Material" it uses. Kolunsag Muflon's customers include leading manufacturers such as Aster, Filo (Ziylan Group), Koton, DeFacto, Sik Makas, Erak Tekstil and the Tempe Inditex Group, and the company is also a member of ISO, ITO, ITKIB, MUSIAD, ASKON, San-Der, and AYSAD. Behind the success of Kolunsag Muflon is a production and management approach which is centered around customer-orientation, advanced technology, innovation, and efficiency. As a result of this approach, Kolunsag Muflon internationally represents Turkey in the sector it operates in through its collaborations with world-renowned brands.
The reason for the existence of Dumerk is to make the products of the companies we distribute accessible to the buyers and to make it easier for them to do business. Our aim is to be a reliable solution partner in which our customers can establish sustainable and transparent relationships in the main subjects such as stock, quality, logistics and cost. Home textiles, home electronics, kitchen items and glassware products operating in the category of Marie Claire Paris, Essen and Essen Home, Essenso like Turkey and we represent the most important brands in the world.
Production at Hiedra is a passion for us. Behind every pattern we touch the fabric is this passion. We are constantly renewing ourselves by following the design trends of the world closely and we pursue new and original products. Because while implementing thousands of designs using the latest technologies, our goal is not only to make our consumers happy but also to change their understanding of curtains. Hiedra has succeeded to become a sought-after brand in 9 countries in a short time and we continue our way by putting the focus on fast and high quality service with the power of production.
QPS HOME has been founded on basis of Qaulity, Price and Service terms as a producer of curtain, sheer and decorative hanging fabrics and ready-made curtains. We have an experience in sourcing of all home textile products from Turkey as a partner company or a guide. Our own sewing facility supports our fabric collection and this is an advantage for most of buyers. Our main market is European countries and in ready made curtains GERMANY is our leading country.
- Gozde Kadife Tekstil was established in 1986 as a family company in Istanbul. Our firm has strengthened its position in the textile sector with its factory established in Istanbul, Arnavutkoy. We continue to make all kinds of investments to provide better quality service. - GOZDE KADIFE TEKSTIL, which has adopted the principle of keeping honesty and service concept in its commercial life as a principle, has become a symbol of trust for the enterprises in the sector, having managed to keep its pioneering position in all fields it works rightfully.
As Emin Textile, we provide high quality service to our customers, respectful and sensitive to the environment, meet the expectations before and after sales, provide a safe environment for employees, follow the global economic conditions, look forward to tomorrow, trust our customers and suppliers in all kinds of economic conditions. Emin Textile is a company which aims to represent its country proudly and aims to increase its quality in the world trade market day by day. We are honored to serve our valued customers with its raw fabric production in 3600m² area, with experience and knowledge in home, hotel and hospital textiles. Thank you for your support and trust.
As ARTELITE EV TEKSTILI we manufacture and supply home textiles, curtains, bedspreads, bed linings, bed coverings, bedcovers, mattress covers, coverlets, bed throws, bed spreads, pillows, cushions, kids room textiles, baby room textiles, home textile, curtain, bedspread, bed lining, bed covering, bedcover, mattress cover, coverlet, bed throw, bed spread, pillow, cushion, kids room textile, baby room textile...